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Posting via jabber

Hrm. I thought I tried this before and it worked, but I appear to be having trouble getting a post to go through from jabber. Every time I try, LJ Bot (Frank) is complaining about an error.

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Thank God the weekend is finally here. For a short week, this week felt four times longer than normal. I'm not sure if it's because we're trying to compress a five day week's worth of work into a four day week, or if it was just a 'lucky' week of blowups and stupid stuff, but it was not fun.

Luckily I don't really have any firm plans this weekend, so I'm thinking I'll take a little time out and be antisocial for a while. Two good ones came in from Netflix today, too. Tank Girl and Can't Buy Me Love.
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I've been playing with a new website (or web application) I came across, called Mugshot. It's pretty slick.

Kind of a social networking (plus other stuff) aggregation-ish tool. it's a Red Hat sponsored project, and apparently the main man behind it is Havoc Pennington (one of the founders of Gnome, and fairly well known in the Linux development community for his desktop code work).

I'm definitely going to have to play with this some more.
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New Cell Phone. . . Nokia 6682?

I need a new cell phone. Desperately. My current cell phone is a Sanyo SCP-4500 from late 2001. In cell phone years, it's about 247, and it looks like it's been run over. Repeatedly.

So, I'm looking for a new one. I've checked out a ton of them, but I'm hampered by the lack of decent non-flip phones (I really dislike flip phones), especially from Sprint, my current provider.

Of course, since I've been on the same plan for 4 years, I'm not exactly locked in right now.

The phone I'm currently leaning toward is the Nokia 6682. It's a non-flip phone, looks good, seems to have every feature I could ever want, and I just managed to find it for free after rebate.

Any comments, or suggestions?

Here's the basic requirements: Non-flip, non-fugly, decent battery, good reception, the ability to easily create my own custom rings.

Everything else, camera, internet, bluetooth, etc., I care far less about.
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Outlook's crappy threading support.

Why is it, that after all these years, Microsoft Outlook's support for e-mail threads is still so unbelievably crappy? How is it that even Outlook Express handles mail threads better than Outlook?

Threaded e-mail is not exactly a new concept. . . it's been supported since the early by numerous mail clients, and nearly every mail client in exsitence, other than Outlook, has supported it for years now.

This is without even getting started on the horrible habits that Outlook has pushed on to people such as top posting and quoting an entire e-mail (and all subsequent e-mails) in replies.

The more I'm forced to use Outlook at work, the more I realize that it is a truly crappy program.
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Hey, neat, a post.

I've realized that I've gotten really bad about posting again. I'm gonna try to do better about that.

I'll start off with a post about all the crap that's been going on at work over the past few months, shortly.
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IRC Weirdness.

Yeah, so I was IRCing earlier, and I switched to a different screen
session for a moment, then switched back. . . and *BAM*, I got really

Here's what I was seeing:

Garbage Characters

Yeah, that's what I thought.