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A good evening.

Tonight was a good night. Or, at least, there were a few great minutes in it.

Basically, I worked late, came home, hung out, and then went to do some laundry.

Just as I was pulling in to the laundry place, they mentioned on the radio that Crash Test Dummies are coming to town Friday. Now, I happen to love Crash Test Dummies, so I'm feeling pretty good. And really happy that I heard about it by chance now, rather than next week, after I'd missed them.

Then, the guy says he's gonna give away tickets to the show to the next caller. I'm thinking, "Sweet!", and grab my cell phone, expecting there to be no service (laundy place is just past where I can get service). Luck is holding, it's weak, but I have signal. So, I call. . . it's busy. What the heck, let's give it another try. Busy. Last one, just for kicks. . . *ring*.

I'm figuring he must have just finished giving away tickets, and I got in right after it. But, then he pickes up and asks me if I want tickets!

So, yeah, I've got an extra ticket to see Crash Test Dummies in Poughkeepsie, if anyone's interested. ;-)
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