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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Lord Yupa

The time has come...

Well, it seems that it is about time to finish fleshing out my LiveJournal thing. I'll be looking around to see if any more friends or interesting people are around, and then I'll start writing up a real Bio for myself.

I suppose at some point I'll have to find a small picture of some kind to represent myself, as well. I look around and wonder if I'm the only person here without one. I don't have any pics of myself scanned however, so if anyone has any suggestions on what I should use until I get one, let me know. Otherwise, I'll be mysterious and come up with something I find very amusing, and that no one else will understand.

Oddly enough, when I first checked my 'friends' page, after adding everyone, only one or two people's entries were being shown. I'm not sure why, but removing everyone and adding them back seems to have solved the problem.

Hrm....let's see what I wanna do now....


You aren't the only one without a picture, but there's not many :P
You should scan a picture of yourself, yegods, we've seen worse I'm sure, and you still owe a lot of people pictures. Like . . . me. :P

Re: Pic

You know, I'm actually not entirely bad looking. ;-)

I'm nothing special to look at, but I could definitely look worse. Of course, it does depend somewhat on whether it's a decent picture or not. In one bad picture, I actually scared myself.

Re: Pic

Well, of course not. But I do know lots of people who've put off getting pictures thinking they're ugly, and turn out to be really cute.
'Sides, that doesn't change the fact that you owe us :P

Re: Pic

Grf. If you're holding out on me being cute, you're wasting your time. ;-)

I am many things, but that isn't one of them. ;-)

Re: Pic

I never said I was holding out for cute, I was holding out for a picture.

Re: Pic

Oh, erm, yeah. That's right.

The only real problem I have with that, is I don't actually have any decent pictures that I can scan, nor do I have a digital camera (yet) to get around that problem.

I'll see what I can do. ;-)

Re: Pic

Lazybutt. :P
Bet you're cute after all, though.

Re: Pic

Prolly like me. That is to say: not cute. ;)

Re: Pic

Hrm. If you're not cute, then I'm the pope.