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Idiots programming libraries.

Grrr. I hate it when people programming libraries do stupid things.

IBM has this massive, huge, old, expansive system called RETAIN. It's used to hold a ton of information, of all types. I need to talk to the RETAIN system as part of a project I'm working on. The preferred way of doing this is by using a Java toolkit provided by the retain guys.

The problem is, the retain guys are idiots with their Java toolkit. The last 3 updates to it, all of which carry the *same* version number, have broken my tool.

That's right, they're changing the interface to the library. And they're not documenting these changes. And worse yet, they're not even acknowledging that they're making the changes.

Whatever happened to the old, reliable, intelligent, Major Version/Minor Version scheme? Where you could expect that as long as the major version was the same, any code using the interface wouldn't break? Did that make too much sense? Too boring? Need something that will break more programs and cause more work for people?

I wish I were in Boulder, CO, right now so I could rip into those programmers and explain to them how an intelligent library versioning scheme works.

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