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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Danger Mouse

Cygwin Tools.

I installed the Cygwin Tools today.

I'm suddenly feeling really stupid. Why in the world did I wait as long as I did? I mean, I know they're useful and make life much nicer when you're forced to work with Windows, but how could I forget what a world of difference it makes? I should have done this the day I got the new work computer.

Either way, I've got everything installed, configured, and ready go to. It's such a relief to have a semi-proper set of development tools. Now I can write a proper makefile, instead of this stupid DOS batch file. ;-)



Have you received the 3COM PCI card yet?

I am dying to know! That's because you are such a smart guy and work at IBM. Maybe they have the drivers for the damn 3COM winmodem!

By the way, the new Red Hat 7.1 rocks! And I got the PartitionMagic 6 so I can boot WinME, NT, and Linux from BootMagic -- saved me a bunch of time.

Sandy Greer

Re: Have you received the 3COM PCI card yet?

Yes, I received the modem/NIC combo card.

The Network card part works fine in Linux, the modem part of the 3com doesn't. There is a rumor of possible Linux support for it, but nothing available yet.

As to the Actiontec card, the network card side works fine, the modem side can be made to work, somewhat, via the Lucent LT WinModem driver. However, it's a bit of a hack solution, and not always reliable.

Either way, I use the modem about once every other month, and don't anticipate using it more than that, so it's of little interest to me right now.