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Went out to IHOP for lunch. I love that place. As a spur of the moment thing, I tossed out an e-mail to a couple co-op friends of mine here, to see if they wanted to join me.

Ended up with 10 people there. ;-)

It was good, though. Much better than eating at the cafeteria. I don't exactly hate the cafeteria, but I don't care much for it. The quality varies tremendously from day to day, and the "average" isn't all that great. I never expected to say this, but I actually much prefer the school cafeteria at UNO to the cafeteria here.

I'm slightly annoyed at my roommates, though. I mentioned to them two days ago that I might be going to IHOP for lunch today, and they both said they were all for it. Today, they didn't bother to show up.


Oh, well. I finished a perl/ftp/jcl dump uploader yesterday, and I need to find the guy in charge of the tool to see about getting it tested. This thing has been hanging over my head for months now, because I've had numerous higher priority projects turn up, and I had to put it on hold. I'm gonna really love to be done with it, now.

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