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Music Overload.

Okay, I really need to do a better job of controlling myself. You see, every once in a while BMG Music Club does a really good sale. It's $1.99 for each CD you buy after the first. Even after their rip-off shipping and handling ($2.50 each), it's under $5 each.

So, I bought a lot of CDs. And I mean a lot.

Here's the CDs that have arrived so far:

Meat Loaf
Alice Cooper
Stevie Ray Vaughn
Alan Parsons Project
Iron Butterfly
Days of the New (2)
Depeche Mode (2)
Kid Rock
Electric Light Orchestra
Radiohead (3)
Marvelous 3
Lisa Loeb
Velvet Underground
Bruce Dickinson (2)
Type O Negative (3)
Monty Python collection
Faith No More (3)
Joe Satriani
Bon Jovi
Phil Collins
Brian Setzer Orchestra (3)
King's X
Cinderella (2)
Jars of Clay

When you see a number following a band name, that means I got multiple albums from them, and that specifies how many.

As was pointed out to me by both of my roommates, I really do have rather eclectic tastes in music. ;-)

And what's really bad, is I've got a handful more still on the way.

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