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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Lord Yupa

Laptop computer name.

Oh, yeah. I've decided on a computer name for my laptop. It has been dubbed:

For those not familiar with it, nausicaa is the lead character in the greatest Anime ever created, Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind. It was created by Miyazaki and Ghibli studios, of Princess Mononoke (among others) fame.

The bad thing is, Nausicaa was never released outside of Japan. (Well, technically a horrible and disgusting edit of it called "Warriors of the Wind" was released in the US, and in English, but literally a quarter of the movie was edited out. They decided that only by removing the entire plot would american audiences (read: kids) like it). This is actually the reason that Princess Mononoke is the first Miyazaki film released in the US in the past 15 years, too. His bad experience with Nausicaa soured him greatly towards US distribution. I consider this a huge loss, as he is the greatest Anime genius of our time.


Just a correction... Mononoke Hime was not the first released in 15 years. Tonari no Totoro was a Miyazaki production, and that was released here in the US in 1993 as "My Neighbor Totoro", with the changes being that it was dubbed, and replacement of some of the songs.
In follow up to Rob:
There was another one too... Kiki's Delivery Service was released in 1998. It was actually the first of the Disney releases. More on this in a bit.

Continuing, to Topher:
And it isn't that hard to find a subtitled version of Nausicaa, I saw that something like 10 years ago*. Laserdiscs are your friends... at least if you're an anime freak. And of course fan-subbed versions are cool too, that's how I first saw Lodoss.

Regarding the Disney releases:
This sums it up pretty nicely:
(I love nausicaa.net.. :) )

Am I the only person that thought Minnie Driver was fantastically wonderful in Mononoke? I practically fell in love with Eboshi from her voice alone. She was almost good enough to make up for Claire Danes (*GAG*). Then again I rather liked her as Jane in Tarzan, too. Maybe she should just do nothing but voiceovers from now on, she kicks ass doing them.

* - Note: I have no idea exactly when, it was probably closer to 7 years ago.