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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Danger Mouse

New fellow Co-Op.

A new co-op chick, Marisa, started in my department this week. She seems pretty cool, and she's fairly cute, too.

Bonus. ;-)

She ended up down the hall from me, instead of right across the hall like I'd hoped, but oh well. I think I'm gonna see if my roommate is up for a movie Friday, and maybe ask her, too.

She's from New York here, although I'm not entirely sure where exactly. I think she either grew up in, or has family in, the Bronx though, and she has a bit of a New York City accent (just enough to be cute. ;-).

. . .

Ack, that was unexpected. Right in the middle of typing this, she stopped by my office. Ah, well. Back to work.


Cute: check.
Cool: check.
Geek: check.
Female: check.
New Yorker: check.

Should I expect to receive a wedding invitation soon, then..? ;)
Hah! You forgot the constant for these situations!

Taken: check


D'oh, good point.

Well, not always. If not Taken, then:

Lesbian: check.

Of course, sometimes both are true.
Heh heh. true, true.

For most, there's almost always distance issues. That doesn't seem to be the case in this situation, so it'll probably be one of the former.

Not to be mean to the interested party, however ;)

No ring. . .

Well, I know that there's no ring on her finger, anyway. ;-)

Beyond that, however, I don't know. She may, and prolly does, have a boyfriend back wherever it was she's from.

And, even if she doesn't, there's still the problem of convincing her she wants to go out with me. ;-)

Let's start slower. . .

I've gotta get a date, first. <g>