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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Lord Yupa

Miranda Sex Garden

I just had a comment from denmarkadonis about how I was listening to Miranda Sex Garden earlier. Because of how much I love MSG, I figured I'd respond here. ;-)

Miranda Sex Garden is the ultimate. ;-)

They are easily among my all time favorite bands. They have a sound that is just indescribable. It's like instrumental poetry, with lyrical accompaniment. (Or Madra, just the beautiful sweet voices of a troupe of girls.)

I have all of them, save for their new one, Carnival of Souls, which I'll prolly order soon.

I still remember the first time I ever heard them. It was in 1993. I was on a local area computer BBS that a friend of mine introduced me to. It was a rather exclusive BBS, called Miranda's Cafe. It had some really cool people there, and a the guy who ran it, his handle was Shidoshi, was a fan of Miranda Sex Garden. He told me to get some of their stuff, so I gave it a shot. That week, I picked up both Madra and Iris. A few months later, Suspiria was released, and I bought that immediately too. I couldn't the sound that they produced, or the way it just flows through you. When Fairytales of Slavery came out, I grabbed that immediately, too.

There is a very definite progression through the albums, as they go from three girls singing 17th century madrigals a cappella to a full fledged instrumental band playing some sort of instrumentally oriented gothic industrial ambient alternative 'music'. ;-)

This makes me even more eager to hear how their new album is gonna sound. Anyone who hasn't listened to them before, you really should. I'll see if I can get some MP3's made up for them when I get a chance, or you can prolly find some on Napster. You will not regret it.


i started listening to them WHEN fairytales came out. i fell in love instantly. Fly, Peepshow and Cut drew me in.

when is the new one expected?


It's actually available now, as I understand it. However, they're with a new record company for this release, and I don't believe it's been released in the US yet. If you want it right now, you'll have to order it from them, from England.

It's like 15 English pounds for the nromal disk, 20 for a signed one, which translates to like $24 and $32, or something like that, last I checked.


Freak. You need to get more techno into your system. Electronica 0wnz0rz j00