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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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I'm being forced to sit through a two hour presentation class thingy, called "In the Mix" today.

Basically, IBM went through like a 7 year period where they did nearly no hiring. So, someone has concluded that there is a huge generation gap between the "old" guard, and the "new" guard. They've somehow decided that the youngin's are so completely different from the oldies that we can't all function together properly, so we need to go to a class to help us.

Yeah, I know, I was cracking up when I heard that, too. You see, according to this class, it doesn't matter what kind of an individual you are. You are defined entirely and completely by what generation you come from.


This is supposed to help us? They're going to break down the generational barrier by perpetuating stereotypes?

Yeah, society was different 20 years ago than it is today, and 20 years before that was different from 20 years ago. Do they really think that generational differences amount to more than individual differences?

I've met people from the same generation who had completely and totally different values and ethics. That's just the way it is. Things just don't sit as clean and neat as a generational divide is supposed to be. Especially since generations are what, 20 years or so, total? So, what, if I was born a year after the cut-off, I'm supposed to have a lot in common with the people born over the next 19 years, but little in common with those born a year or two before me?

Okay, I'm starting to ramble here. Needless to say, I'm real excited about going to this presentation today. Yeah.



I hate diversity training. Yes, people might be different but i think we can figure out how to get along. Sheesh! And I say this having taken ethnicity and learning how important it is to be diverse.

But how helpful is it to just reinforce the same stereotypes: Old people have a hard time with change, women are uncomfortable with these things, men aren't always as sensitive as they should be.

Sorry, didn't mean to go off ranting and all.

Re: Feh....

I completely agree.

Yes, there are sometimes problems between people, and sometimes it does stem from them being different (in age, sex, culture, attitude, etc, etc), but I have yet to go to one of these diversity training sessions and come out of it with anything of value.

They all seem to be either a waste of time, or a step backwards.