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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Frog Wizard


I finished reading Orwell's 1984 last night.

I'm familiar with the story from reading essays on it and such, but as I read it I got the distinct feeling I knew it. Not just from an essay, but something more. However, I didn't know every little bit.

I wonder if I read an abridged version of it a long time ago and didn't remember doing it, or something.

Either way, anyone who hasn't read it, definitely should. Especially with some of the recent happenings of late, with regards to school "security" and stuff.

After reading it, I find myself with a really strong urge to seek out and re-read A Canticle for Leibowitz, which I last read about 8 years ago.


Crud, now I can't remember which I read, 1984 or Brave New World.

Big Brother?

1984 is where references to "Big Brother" come from.

Additionally, in 1984 the Party made extensive use of torture, thought control, and the "Thought Police", while Brave New World dealt more with behavioral conditioning, eugenics, drugs, etc.

If either seems more familiar, that's prolly the one. ;-)

Re: Big Brother?

1984 it is.
Orville was too damned right.
As for Canticle....how is it? I read First Canticle in an anthology of SF, but never bothered to buy the full book...

I like it.

Personally, I liked it. A lot.

In fact, after reading it initially, I was of the opinion that it should be made required reading for everyone before they graduate High School, or at the very least, before they graduate college.

I'd strongly recommend reading it. ;-)