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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Lord Yupa

Long Live Wiki's!

Some of you may recall mention of Wiki[1]'s from some of my earlier entries, and you may have realized that I seem to think that a WikiWikiWeb is the greatest thing since the World Wide Web.

And, you're prolly right. I do think that. ;-)

So, in the interest of spreading the good word about Wiki's, I've created a new LiveJournal community, the wiki community. ;-)

It's open membership, open posting, intended for discussion, questions, comments, whatever, with regards to Wiki's. Want to know what a Wiki is? Or how they work? Or why you might want to use one? Perhaps you're curious as to what wiki software works well, and what doesn't?

Well, welcome to the LiveJournal's Wiki Community. ;-)

For those who have never heard of a Wiki, and would like a real quick intro, Wiki's are a truly open, fully collaborative web development experience. Anyone can edit any page, at any time. It sounds like a radical idea, but it can have some amazing results. New pages can be created in seconds, and all linking is handled automatically by use of WikiWords.

Check here for some WikiHistory and her for WikiSocialNorms which covers some information on Wiki's and how people treat them.

[1] The original, largest, and best known Wiki is Ward's Wiki, found here.


Re: wiki

They rock. They really do.

I know a guy who set one up for the purposes of documentation, information posting, and workflow management (keeping everyone informed of what everyone else was doing), and with only a dozen or so people using it, they had over 100 pages created in the first week.

And, the coolest thing about Wiki's, is that they're fun. ;-)