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I yanked this from chrisg, it's a typing test thing done with JavaScript. Here's my initial results:
Percentage Accuracy : 100%
Percentage Inaccuracy : 0%
Characters per minute : 451 cpm
Characters per second : 7 cps
Words per minute : 86 wpm
Words per second : 1 wps
Total Speed status : Too Good
Overall Accuracy : Absolutely Spot on

Not bad, and I did better than expected with accuracy, but I know I can type faster than that. Second try confirms that:
Percentage Accuracy : 98.80239520958083%
Percentage Inaccuracy : 1.1976047904191615%
Characters per minute : 501 cpm
Characters per second : 8 cps
Words per minute : 93 wpm
Words per second : 1 wps
Total Speed status : Too Good
Overall Accuracy : Brilliant

My biggest problem with this thing is the poor grammar and punctuation in the selection you have to type. I try to be as correct as possible with what I type, and it slows me down when I have to type something that doesn't make sense.

From old typing tests that I've done in the past, I'd guess I could beat my time here by another few words per minute with a different text selection. It's all JavaScript and HTML, from the look of it, so I ought to swipe it and put it up on a separate page, with a better text sample. Oh, well. Too much work.

Of course, my score would drop if there were more numbers or non-alphanumeric symbols, too. ;-)
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