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I think this is the worst headache I can ever remember having. At first I thought it was just a caffeine headache, but sufficient quantities of caffeinated beverages should have removed it by now if that were the case.

'Sides, normally I can tell a caffeine headache. There's just something about them I know. A familiarity. Which shows that I ingest way too much caffeine.

Either way, this one is horrible because it's both at the base of my skull, and right behind my eyes, and I feel like my head is both imploding exploding at the same time, while there's also a drill driving into my head from the back. As if that wasn't bad enough, it seems to be spreading, as my neck especially, and my shoulders to a lesser extent, are feeling sore and uncomfortable now, too. Although, I think those are most likely being caused by the tension and pain of the headache.

I haven't, to my knowledge, ever suffered from migraine headaches, but I've heard some nasty accounts from friends that do. If this is what it's like, they have my sympathy. I can barely type right now, it hurts to concentrate, and all in all, this is no turning out to be a most unpleasant way to start off the week.
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