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Company parties rock at IBM.

Okay, I have to give props to IBM. They throw a hell of a party.

I just got back from spending my entire Friday afternoon (and most of the morning) at a company party congratulating everyone for their work on the zSeries mainframes released last December.

They had a copious amount of food ranging from hot dogs to turkey and roast beef, along with pasta, salad, and more. They also had half a dozen different types of wine and a dozen or so kegs of various types of beer.

There were around 15-20 video games, half of them virtual reality games, a whole bunch of pinball games, a couple of pool and fooseball tables, and around 2500 people in attendance

The band they had playing was decent, and the music dancing chicks were hot. ;-)

We should have more Fridays at work like this. <g>

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