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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Wrong. Totally wrong.

You know, every once in a while you come across something which is just so wrong you're not even sure what to think. This is one of those things.

(Thanks to ntang for the link. Or, rather, blame him for it.)


yep. that's wrong. it's also probably not an authentic sanrio product, unless there's something the big fat company isn't telling us?

And. . .

Hrm. . . and if they aren't telling about that. . . what else are they not telling us about?

And, do we even want to know? ;-)

Re: And. . .

the mind boggles at the possibilities. the buzzy thing almost takes the cake, but how about... hello kitty buttplugs? perhaps a hello kitty home pregnancy tests? nostril hair remover?

Re: And. . .

Yeah, it is authentic, along with the bad batzmaru condoms... a friend of mine has both and she brougnt them into work to show me. It's authentic alright...


It is real, and I have held one. Didn't get to use it though.

Went to a sextoy show the other night, put on by the fine folks of Grand Opening (great ladies actually, got to have dinner with them afterwards, which was when I got to sinpect said vibe). It's about the size and look of a PEZ dispenser, and her little head vibrates, and she's clutching her teddybear, and it does, in fact, bear the Sanrio logo proudly on it.

Damn, I need to visit Japan. They have all the cool sextoys. And, in case you were wondering, apparently sex toys are duty-free commodities, so stock up while you are on vacation!

Re: Actually....

I heard about these in Bust but I've never seen one before. I think they're kind of cute. I have to get to Japan some day and stock up on some of these items.
*falls on the floor laughing*