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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Frog Wizard

Renaissance Faire.

Okay, I found out where the Ren Faire is, and I'm definitely going this weekend. Anyone who happens to live in mid-state New York and wants to join me[1], let me know. <g>

I just need to decide if I wanna go Saturday or Sunday now, though.

[1] Yes, I know, the chances of someone living near me being on my friends list is rather low to start with, and to think that they might want to spend a day with me is nearly preposterous. It's supposed to be funny. Laugh.


You're lucky to have a Ren Fair around this time of the year. Mine is during late summer. Sigh.

Unexpectedly so.

Yeah, I was a little surprised at how early it is, actually.

And happy that I heard about it, since I could easily have missed it. ;-)
I'm tempted, hehe, wanted to go to a ren faire for years but haven't been able to. Hmm...

Go for it. ;-)

Or, if not this one, I understand theres a huge and impressive one that happens towards the end of summer in Sterling Forest, in New York.

I've always found Ren Faires to be a whole lot of fun. ;-)

Re: Go for it. ;-)

Heh, finally looked at the site, and realized it's this weekend and this weekend only, and just how far it was. :/

I actually might have still gone anyway if I had my older son with me this weekend instead of my younger one, but taking a 1 year old on a bus ride that long would kill me. :P

Oh well. I've heard wonderful things about Sterling Forest and I'd love to go to that one some time. Maybe this year. :)

Re: Go for it. ;-)