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Growing ego.

Background: I've spent the past four weeks or so working on a new tool for work. Whenever one of the server technical support engineers is called "offshift", outside of regular working hours, for a problem, they track it. Specifically, they send a copy of the problem management record to an unmanned e-mail address, and at the end of the year it is processed, by hand, and reports and tallies are generated.

As you can imagine, this is a somewhat less than ideal situation. The tool I've been working on is a web accessible database application, developed with Lotus Notes/Domino, that allows the support engineers to log into a website, enter the problem number, date, and a few other things. It also allows for real time viewing of entered callouts, report generation, editing, etc. It automates all the work that used to be manual, and makes it a lot easier to use. It also increases it's usefulness, because statistics and information can be generated on the fly, anytime, instead of being done only at the end of the year.

I'm rather proud of this callout tool, as the original project assigned to me was to fix the old process in a few places where it had broken. Scrapping it and using a whole new process was something I came up with on my own, both for selfish reasons (it seemed like a better and more interesting use of my time) and for business reasons, as it is a much cleaner, more efficient, and more scalable process.

On Monday, I mentioned the new callout tool in the department meeting. Then, this morning, I wrote up an e-mail explaining the full rationale behind this, the problems with the old tool, the benefits of the new one, some of the technical differences, and instructions on using the new tool.

Since sending that this morning, I've had three different people from my department, including a manager, stop by my office and tell me how well written the announcement letter was. And, amazingly enough, I really didn't put that much effort into it. I wrote up the whole thing, including the instructions in under a half an hour. . . prolly closer to 20 minutes.

So, my ego grows, and I am happy. ;-)

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