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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Sexy thoughts.

You know, I once heard it said that the average guy thinks about sex 240 times a day.

240 times. Doesn't that seem outrageous, and rather unlikely?

I thought so too, when I heard that.

So, out of curiosity, I worked out how often that was. Assuming that you're awake 16 hours a day, and not counting the 8 hours when you're asleep, that would mean that on average, a guy thinks about sex every 4 minutes.

This rather disappointed me, because that actually sounds about right, which means we do prolly really think about sex 240 times a day.


*choke* *snort* *laugh*


Remember that next time you have a 5 minute conversation with a guy. <g>
Wow, the average girl got the average guy beat all to hell--we must think about sex -at least- once every two minutes. ;)
Hey now! Don't tell him that! I'll have less ways to pick on him!
96% of guys walk around with a boner for 2 hours a day. 3% walk around with a boner for five + hours a day. The other 1% is... impotent.

Hrm, well. . .

That must not include guys in middle school. If it did, that group alone would prolly skew the results *way* over.


..that means you -stop- thinking about sex? You could prolly count me down to about .. 4? because, er, I just continually do, there's hardly any pause *nod* ;)

Re: ....

Well, you have to remember. . . there are some times when you get distracted with other important things, like food, extra sleep, computers, etc. These often require momentary lapses in the otherwise steady stream of sexual thought. ;-)