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Sprint PCS.

I meant to post about this a week ago, but I got caught up and forgot about it.

I have a Sprint PCS cell phone. I've got lots of minutes with it, and I've carried it for the past 3+ years, as was required for my job. I've grown accustomed to having it around, and I make good use of it, even though I no longer need it for work.

In January, when I moved to Poughkeepsie, New York, I discovered that I wasn't quite in Sprint's coverage area. In fact, service stopped about 7-8 miles South of me, which means I had to drive that far to check voice mail, make calls, etc.

Well, Sprint seems to have finally gotten their act together. As of a few days ago, I can once again make calls and use my phone. This is especially cool as my phone plan includes free long distance, which means I now have an obscene number of minutes available to me for calling friends and family and such back home.

Oh, yeah, and if you text page me, I'll actually get it in a reasonable amount of time, too. ;-)

Only bad thing, is the wiring in the building I work in prevents me from actually getting service in my office. Oh, well. Can't win 'em all. ;-)

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