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Response. ;-)

riot recently posted this entry in which he complained about someone who annoyed him. Just in case it was intended for me, I figured I'd respond to it. ;-)

You know, I wasn't really trying to show how much smarter and better than you I was....It was more of a general show everyone how good I am type of thing.

And I am good. ;-)

I do like my high horse, though, and I dunno if I'm quite quick witted and technically savvy for a fan club. Well, actually, I am, but I haven't seen My fan club around yet. Perhaps they're just not cool enough to hang out with Me.

I am fairly confidant I can do a lot of things without being the center of attention of the world, though. All of them except for admiring the world. That one I want to the center of while I do it.

Are you sure the world goes on without Me? I mean, I'm not trying to patronize you, or argue with you, or use big words like 'the', 'and', 'you', 'Me', and 'facetious' to try to go over your head. I am sorta agreeing with you, but I'm not really picking you apart. I don't feel that the world goes on without me, though.

And of course I'm not God. I'm over that. Although, I do think it'd be neat if you capitalized My pronouns. Yeah, that'd be very nifty. ;-)
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