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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Lord Yupa

Third National Masturbate-A-Thon

Okay, this is just a little too weird.

Someone gave me this link a little bit ago and. . . well, you'll just have to look at it and see what you think for yourself. I dunno.


That's Too Funny!

I just ordered my last vibrator from them and the thought of a marathon with THAT makes me numb just thinking about it!

But this is interesting... should the winner of the Masturbate-A-Thon be proud? I mean, I don't think that's something you wanna write home to mom about, but... who knows? Mom could be your closest competition depending on your family dynamics!

And would this make you more, or less attractive as a potential sex partner? Does it mean you have incredible stamina? Or are you just incredibly self-absorbed?

I'm with you, Topher, I'm so confoozled!

~ E.

Re: That's Too Funny!

You bring up a lot of good questions, but I'll be darned if I know the answers to most of them. ;-)

I do have to think though, that winning something like this prolly isn't going to be your best choice for conversation starters or bragging to people about. . .

And I'd say it's definitely not resume material.

(Unless you're applying for a job in the porn industry, or as a masturbation therapist, or something like that. ;-)

Masturbation Therapist

Not much pay, but great benefits!

~ E.