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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Lord Yupa

Future entertainment.

I've decided that I need to see a Broadway play. I also mentioned it to my roommate, and he agrees that it would be a worthwhile endeavor. So, we're going to do it.

Right now, I need to decide on which one(s), and when. He heard about one new one, called "The Producers", which is a musical comedy based on Mel Brook's movie, and directed by him. Here's a review of it.

As a Mel Brooks fan, I'm really wanting to see this. It looks funny, and seems to have gotten great reviews.

It would also be cool to catch Les Miserables at some point, too. And, maybe Phantom. ;-)


Phantom of the Opera was the BEST!!!! you have to see that one.. i have been wanting to see it my entire life, and i finally did in january! it was so awesome. i definitely recommend it. the effects in it were just remarkable! it looked more like a movie than a stage production, just cause i was constantly wondering how they pulled off certain things while making it run perfectly smoothly...

*drool* i think i need to see it again :)


I suppose I'll have to make sure I catch that, then. ;-)

I agree

If you haven't seen it yet, definately watch Phantom. I saw it in Toronto before they packed up and moved it to NY. Amazing production.

Re: I agree

I guess I'll have to make sure I catch it, then. Thanks for the suggestion. ;-)
you seem interesting. and you like yoda like me. 2 thumbs up.

Thanks! ;-)

Thank you. ;-)