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I had a busy, but entertaining, weekend.

Friday. me and my roommates went and saw Freddy Got Fingered.

In general, I find Tom Green to be fairly amusing. And, there were a few moments in the movie that were absolutely hilarious. Unfortunately, there were a whole lot of moments in the movie that were stupid, disjointed, disgusting, cheesy, and over the top.

You leave the movie wondering just what it was you watched, what the point of it was, and why you bothered. I doubt I'll be seeing it again any time soon.

Saturday night, I went to a concert to see Fates Warning and Savatage. For those not familiar, Fates Warning is an excellent progressive metal band, and Savatage just plain rocks. They were originally more of a straight "metal" band, in the style of the first couple Metallica albums, but they've evolved greatly since then into a powerful, intense, occasionally symphonic, and amazingly cool band.

I expected a good show, and I wasn't disappointed. The only bad thing about it was the fact that there were two local opening bands, and neither was very good. The first band was trying to be Godsmack, and the second band was trying to be Korn or Limp Bizkit. Both failed miserably. In fact, the only time either band managed to get much of any reaction from the crowd was when the second band did an Iron Maiden cover.

Fates Warning played an excellent set, and sounded phenomenal. These guys are very talented, and really are a great progressive metal band. Dream Theater keyboardist Kevin Moore frequently guests on their recordings, too.

Savatage. . . was amazing. They actually started off the show rather strangely. After the lights dimmed, but before they came out, this really freaky and weird cover of AC/DC's "Dirty Deeds" came on. What was so unusual about it, is that this rendition was an extremely twangy country version. I was cracking up just listening to it. Then they put on a great show including some spectacular light and smoke work. Probably the best "show" I've ever seen on a club tour.

Yesterday, me and my roommate went down to New York City for the day. We drove down in the morning, parked in Jersey City (not worth paying $50 to park in NYC), hopped a PATH train to Manhattan, then subway'ed up to near Chinatown. From there, we walked through Chinatown and Little Italy for most of the day. Rob, my roommate, was shopping for his mother, and we didn't really have any kind of plan we were following.

It ended up getting a little warm (upper 80's, I heard later), and we felt it. Eventually we found a nice shaded outside place to eat in Little Italy. Then, we worked our way up towards Times Square for a while, and finally decided to head home.

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