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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Lord Yupa

Another day...

Okay, for those who haven't heard (which seems to be about two people anywhere), it is my birthday today.

And I just found out why everyone knows. I had no idea that LiveJournal sent out notices to everyone who has me on their friend's list. Kind of a nifty feature, I suppose.

Bonus points to denmarkadonis. He was the first one to say something about my birthday. ;-)


dude. i just got the reminder this morning. i noticed your b day the other day when i added you to as a friend. now i feel like the damned surprise was all awash cause of this reminder deal of LJ's.


I actually wondered about that.

You made a comment on it *way* before anyone else, which made me think you might have noticed on your own before the announcement thingy went out.

Thanks for the post, I appreciate it. ;-)


happy burfday! *G*
happy shampy birfday!


...I figured you didn't want to be reminded that you're just one year closer to prostate malfuctions ;)


what did you do today?

Did you get your paperwork done so you can get your Social Security check now?

Re: So...

Love Letter:

Actually, I had a very busy day today.

I spent most of it job hunting and stuff. I need to find a new job soon, so I can afford to spend as much time as I do on these love letters.

Re: So...

You definitely need to spend some more time on them, because that sucks as a love letter.

Re: So...

I can't help but agree with you, GrumpyButt.

Hrm, perhaps the my job situation is even more dire than I thought.

Re: So...

Or, perhaps, you should abandon the job hunting so that you can work full time on writing me love letters.

Re: So...

Ah, but if I were dedicate all my time to just writing you love letters, I'd quickly run of out money, starve, and die.

And then who would entertain you with their exceptionally boring prose and pathetic proposition attempts? ;-)

Re: So...

When you run out of money, I'll start looking for someone else. So, until then, start writing ;)

Re: So...


My heart bleeds almost as much as my wallet at your statements, GrumpyButt. ;-)
CHASE is some damned romantic, eh? makes me wanna fall in love. gonna write a sonnet at once!!!


You wouldn't even believe me if I told you. You should see how she is when you talk to her live, via IRC or something. ;-)


You're already making thornyButt jealous.