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#Rafters/SorceryNet Fun.

<dev> Max: everyone keeps saying they're as bad as you when it comes to typos
<Ryo-Ohki> HornyButt
<StarThorn> I want everyone to see this, so they know why it happened, when
I'm dead.
<mtffm> dev: almost
<Ryo-Ohki> Thorny: Nerdi still insists she's innocent.
<Ryo-Ohki> Ohohohoho.
<Melesse> 'cept kraig. he says he's perfect.
<dev> cabbit: I *am* innocent
<StarThorn> Yeah, she is.
<mtffm> Oh god
<mtffm> thatp icture is insanely cute
<StarThorn> Isn't it? ;-)
<mtffm> I say we take the next flight to England and ravage her :P
<StarThorn> She's innocent in that way that means "compared to a deranged
serial killer" ;-)
<StarThorn> Taz: You've got my vote. ;-)
<mtffm> w090
<mtffm> er w00
<mtffm> Wat do we do about that.... husband of hers?
* dev looks at HornyButt
<Ryo-Ohki> Thorny: she asked for it ;)
* dev pouts
<StarThorn> Tie him up. ;-)
* dev cries
* StarThorn nibbles Alipooh.
<dev> MEANIE!
<dev> Feh.
<Melesse> heh.

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