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Shamelessly ripped off from shadowrose. ;-)

This is what happens when you get really bored. ;-)

Physical appearance

What do you most like about your body? - My overall size. I'm a big guy. ;-)
And least - This would be a toss-up. I'm not fat yet, but I'm not in as good of shape as I used to be, and my hair is occasionally annoying.
How many fillings do you have - I dunno, a couple.
Do you think you're good looking - Not particularly. I'm not bad looking, but I'm a bit "rough" to be good looking.
Do other people - I would guess most people would agree with my assessment above.
What do you sound like - I guess I sound like me. I'm not sure how to describe my voice.


Do you wear a watch - Not exactly. My cell phone tells me what time it is, and I often carry a pocket watch, but I don't wear a wrist watch.
How many coats and jackets do you own - Probably about 4.
Favorite pants/skirt color - Mostly dark or earthy colors.
Favorite top/shirt color - Mostly dark or earthy colors, but it varies by my mood.
Most expensive item of clothing - Counting coats, my duster was $150. Not counting that, I've got one dress shirt that wasn't cheap.
Most treasured - My comfortable stuff.
Boots or shoes - Sandals. ;-)
Scruffy or smart -Both, depending on mood. I regularly hit both extremes.

Your personality (general)

Extrovert or introvert - I'm something of an extroverted introvert. I have no problem being by myself, and enjoy it, but I also like to go out and do stuff.
Are you confident - At what point does confidence become arrogance?
Do you like yourself - Yes.
Are you popular - I'm not unpopular, usually.
Are you good academically - When I put forth any effort.
What do you have a really good knowledge of - Computers and technology.
Are you good at games which rely on intellect- Usually
Fictional character you are most like - Gerald Tarrant
Things friends say to you the most - "Smartass!"
Can you speak another language - I can manage a bit of Spanish.

Your personality (specific)

Are you moody - Slightly, though you'd prolly not notice it.
Use five words to describe what you feel inside - Passion, Determination, Patience, Hope, Faith
Do people know how you feel - Rarely.
What would you change about your personality - I don't know.
Are you perceived wrongly - Often. My sense of humor lends itself to misunderstanding for those not seeking it's subtlety
What drives you - Dreams.
Worst fault - Too many to list.

Your friends

Do your friends know you - Few of them do.
What do they tend to be like - Creative, unusual, independent.
Are there traits in you that are universally liked - My sense of humor.
Few friends or many acquaintances - Few friends.
Can you count on them - Yes.
Can they count on you - Yes.


Are you good at it - I like to think so. And, I have always enjoyed it.
Have you ever been criticized about your performance - No.
What does it for you in a sex partner - Depends on my mood, but creativity is good.
Favorite parts of partners body during sex- Everything.


Favorite bands ever - Too many to list.
Most listened to bands currently - Too many again.
Can you play an instrument - I can strum out a cord or two on the guitar.
Type of music listened to - Everything, but rarely country or rap.
Type never listened to - I think I've tried just about everything.
Books - *Way* too many to list.
Films - I'm a movie buff, there's way too many to list.
Tv Shows - Sports Night, The West Wing, That 70's Show, Simpsons, Critic, Family Guy

Ooh, that's all of 'em. ;-)

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