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Svedeesh Cheff

Vell, it seems thet my lest pust, in Peeg Leteen, vent oofer better thun I ixpected (meuneeng thet et leest a cuoople-a ooff peuple-a ectooelly reed it;-), su I feegoored I'd hefe-a a leettle-a foon egeeen. Bork! Bork! Bork!

Thoos, in hunur ooff oone-a ooff zee greetest Mooppets ifer creeted, I'm dueeng thees intry incheffereezed. Thet's reeght, thet zuny Svedeesh Cheff ve-a ell knoo und lufe-a cumeeng tu yuoo thruoogh my juoornel. ;-)

Und remember, it's oonly thruoogh zee lufe-a ooff peuple-a leeke-a yuoo thet elt.svedeesh.cheff.bork.bork.bork cun leefe-a oon. Reed it. Lufe-a it. Leefe-a it. ;-)

Bork! Bork! Bork!
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