Christopher Cashell (topher) wrote,
Christopher Cashell

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Iglatinpay Entryway.

IWAY'may otnay uresay ywhay, utbay IWAY'evay ecidedday otay artstay itingwray egularray entriesway inway Igpay Atinlay. IWAY upposesay itway amusesway emay, andway IWAY'may uriouscay asway otay owhay anymay eoplepay illway ickpay upway onway atwhay itway isway, andway ecipherday itway, osay otay eakspay. IWAY upposesay IWAY onday'tay eallyray avehay anythingway importantway otay aysay ightray ownay, osay IWAY'llay utcay isthay airlyfay ortshay. Especiallyway incesay IWAY avehay omethingsay ofway away eadachehay ightray ownay.

IWAY inkthay itway'say imetay otay ogay indfay omesay asprinway orway omethingsay.
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