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The tool.

I got what, on the surface, seems to be a pretty good phone call yesterday and today.

I recently wrote a Java tool for internal use at work. Basically, whenever a customer has a problem, a problem report is generated and placed onto a queue. Whenever that problem report is updated, it's moved to a different queue. I wrote a program that monitors this second queue, and whenever a problem report appears on it, it digs up the customer's e-mail address and sends them a note telling them that their problem report has been updated. It then removes the problem from the queue.

After finishing it (mostly), I documented it, packaged it up, and shipped it to some guys in Austin who are doing a very similar thing as us, and who wished to use it in a very similar way.

Yesterday and today, I got two calls and an e-mail from a different group who, somehow, heard about the program I wrote. It seems they have a somewhat similar situation, where they need to monitor a problem queue, and they would like to take a look at my tool to do it.

I'm flattered that word of my rather insignificant little tool has managed to get around to parts of the company I never even knew existed, but I'm also a little worried on this. I've got a rather impressive load of work on my shoulders right now, and that's not counting any maintenance on the tool, bug fixes, what have you. . . and it's definitely not counting that I might have to support this tool for other people, too.

I hate to be a jerk about it, but I'm thinking right now I might have to send it to them with a note that basically says, "Here's the source. Have fun. If you have questions. . . have fun." I don't wanna do that, but I don't think I have a choice right now.

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