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A light at the end of the tunnel?

I might be getting somewhere now.

I called back, after being disconnected, and the guy that answered has been really cool. We walked through a few things, and he actually even went to the website to see what I was talking about.

He also agreed that, having seen that, he'd assume he was getting a 3com card as well. He asked around to some other techs, and having found no answer, he suggested we contact Customer Care to see about getting this resolved, possibly by sending me a 3com replacement.

Yes, we. He said it might take a while to get through, but he's keeping this call active, and he would stay on the line with me, to explain to them what is going on, and try to get this resolved.

I'm having (a little bit of) my faith in Dell restored.

If it continues on like this call has so far, I think I'll be a happy little customer. And that's good for them, because I had no intention of giving up until this was resolved to my satisfaction.
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