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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Lord Yupa

The angry customer.

Things are going downhill.

I've been jerked around for nearly two hours now, and gotten different stories from each person.

The first Tech Support guy I talked to said that if I was having problems, he could send out a replacement, but he could only send out the exact same thing that I already had. So I asked him who I could talk to about this, and to find out why they're advertising one thing, and using another. He transferred me to someone in Customer Service.

The lady in Customer Service said very little, other than "Let me look into this, and I'll be right back."

Instead of coming back, she transferred me to someone in laptop support. The lady there told me that Dell was no longer using 3com Mini-PCI adaptors for their laptops. Despite the fact that their website specifically says otherwise. And it's not just that one, they have numerous pages about their Inspirons that mention 3com adaptors by name. Her response?

"Oh, that page must be out of date, then."

Bull. That's a load of crap, and I know it. The mention of 3com by name just appeared a month or so ago. I know, because I remember when I first saw it, as it was one of the things that made me want to buy this laptop.

So, I ask her who I can talk to about this, to express my disappointment in Dell and see what else can be done, and she says she'll transfer me. I then get disconnected.

What the hell?

Now, I'm not a quick tempered person. In fact, most of my friends would prolly say I'm among the most laid back, easy going people you'll ever meet. I never raise my voice, and I don't express my anger. I'm getting really annoyed at this, though.

I'm honestly starting to wonder if I should just ship this thing back, and tell them to forget it. Not only am I disappointed in the modem (and I feel cheated, and lied to by getting something different than advertised), but one of the other main reasons I went with Dell was their reputation for quality support. However, if this is the 'support' they provide, maybe I'd be better off with a laptop from someone else.


grab some screenshots!

Grab some screenshots of the page, in case it gets "updated" tonight. Threaten to call the Better Business Bureau. In short, pitch a fit and act like me :)

Then tell then you want a full refund, and send the damn thing back. Why should you do business with people who lie to you?

On the other hand, they might be inclined to give you a partial refund.... But if they don't, you could buy a yum-a-licious ThinkPad instead.

Seriously, don't give up or let them talk you down.

Re: grab some screenshots!

Oh, I'm not giving up. ;-)

I may not get angry much, but I also don't give up easily. If I have to call every tech rep they have there, I *will* get this resolved. ;-)