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Laptop annoyance.

This bugs me a little. I noticed today that there is a slight problem with my laptop. When I use headphones and the modem, it spits out some nasty static over the headphones.

So, I decided to do a little checking, and I noticed that, despite the number of 3com advertisements on Dell's website, I have an Actiontec mini-PCI NIC/modem.

Why in the heck do I have an Actiontec NIC/modem?

Doesn't it make sense, that if you see a webpage say: "Available 3Com Mini-PCI helps free up both slots in your notebook and offers low power consumption to help preserve battery life.", and there's only one option for a Mini-PCI adapter (which, in the config part, doesn't specify a brand) that it would be a 3com?

As if that didn't annoy me enough, I've now been on hold for 35 minutes waiting to talk to someone from Dell. If they aren't really friendly and offer to swap this defective piece of junk for the network card advertised, I'm really gonna be upset.

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