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Impressive oddity.

I'm not entirely sure what to think of this. I was browsing Dell's support site, looking for any updated information on my laptop, when I came cross this recently released utility.

Now, I should explain. When Dell's laptops boot up, like many computers these days, they display a splash screen with Dell's name on it, instead of the "old fashioned" POST[1] information. (I've actually tried disabling it, as I like to see POST information, but I have yet to find a way to do this.)

Now, Dell has released a little utility that actually lets you set the initial splash screen to any 640x480x16 bitmap that you want. The image is saved into NVRAM, and loaded from then on. This is just nifty, and I'm gonna be playing with this a lot, I think. I never expected I'd be able to have a picture of Tux, or the Debian logo, or whatever, as a BIOS splash screen for my laptop.

[1] POST, for the non-geeks out there, means Power On Self Test. That's what happens when your computer first turns on, and you see it checking memory, searching for disk drives, etc. ;-)

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