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Why do we feel compelled to do stupid things, despite knowing that they are stupid, and that we shouldn't be doing them?

Especially when it's little things, and we really know better.

Case in point: Last night, it hit around 11pm, and I thought to myself, I should go to bed. All I'm doing is screwing around with my Linux box, IRCing, and browsing random web pages. This is something I could do anytime, I don't have any need to be doing it now, and I should go to bed. Especially since I have to be up at 6:30am for work. In fact, that's exactly what went through my head.

At 2am, I went to bed.

Where is the sense in that? How do we manage to. . . I don't even know how to put it. I knew the whole time I was sitting there that I should go to bed. I readily acknowledged it, and easily admitted to myself that if I didn't go to bed soon, I'd be feeling like absolute crap today.

And I do.

Humans truly are such silly creatures.

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