Christopher Cashell (topher) wrote,
Christopher Cashell

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The Week Begins...

Well, now that Monday has arrived, the search for a new job continues.

I'm still hopeful after Friday's preliminary interview, and hopefully that guy will call me for another interview sometime this week. I got burned once thinking I was set, only to find I'd been taken out of consideration for a job due to an administrative error, so I'm not taking any chances. I'm going to continue searching jobs until I actually sign a contract or something. ;-)

I'm kind of annoyed at myself today. I went to bed around 2am, and I planned on getting up around 10am. I woke up on my own around 9:30am, and turned off my alarm, thinking I'd just lay there for half an hour, then get up. Unfortunately, I fell back asleep, and ended up not getting out of bed until almost noon. Considering that my next job will most likely have normal hours, I need to get myself back into a regular, normal, sleeping schedule.
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