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Toys arrive.

I went over to UPS to pick up my old computer.

Pain in the butt to find, and when I called, they gave me wrong directions to it. I found it entirely on accident, and after I discovered where it was, I realized just how way off their directions were.

So, I give the lady my shipping slip and last name, and she goes in back to look for it. Then she comes out with a box, and places it on the counter. I'm a little confused at this point, because the box isn't what I expected. First of all, it's flatter. Secondly, my Dad (who's shipping my old computer to me) said he used the original box it came in. . . and this isn't it. Unfortunately, before I got a chance to question the lady on it, she turned around and went back into the shipping room. It was then that I looked at the address on the box and saw that it was in for me.

She then brought out my old computer, and as she was putting that down, I noticed the Sender's name on the other box. "Dell".

At this point I got really happy, and the lady behind the counter started giving me weird looks. ;-)

It must have arrived there, and before they even tried to deliver it, she found it. Which also means I don't have to make a trip all the way back there. Of course, most importantly, I know have my new laptop to play with. ;-)

Now, if luck is really with me, my RAM will arrive today, too. <g>

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