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Lunch entertainment.

I was feeling kind of bored, so I went out for lunch today, with a chickfriend from work here.

We went to a nice little Chinese restaurant (I love Chinese food) a little ways from work. I had General Tso's Chicken, which was excellent. This cheers me up, because it's the best Chinese food I've had since I moved up here.

During the course of our conversation, she mentioned that she was mildly depressed, because certain needs of hers weren't being met by her boyfriend. She also mentioned that last night she ordered one of those silly late night infomercial tapes, with people flashing the camera, etc.

She had told me about this before, and this reminded me of an "Adult Book Store" that I'd seen the other day, while looking for a coffee shop. I told her that I'd thought of her, when I'd seen it.

So, after lunch, we stopped by the porn shop. She'd decided to fully take matters into her own hands, literally, and buy a porno movie.

It's rather amusing to watch someone shop for porn, especially when they're as picky as she is. She wanted something that didn't feel or look 'dirty', it had to have 'class'. Additionally, she wanted lots of threesomes, but they *had* to be one guy with two chicks. She didn't want to see anything with two guys and one chick.

Due to my fairly limited exposure to porn, I'm afraid I wasn't as much help as she'd have liked. She did finally find something she wanted, though.

Lastly, we stopped by a local place to pick up concert tickets for tomorrow night. SR-71 and Dexter Freebish(sp?) are playing, and both us, and another friend of ours, are planning to check it out.

All in all, one of the more entertaining lunches I've had in a while. ;-)

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