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Laptop Memory.

I just ordered additional RAM for my laptop. I was checking prices a week ago, and Crucial[1] listed a 128 MB DIMM for my laptop at $65. I thought that was pretty cool. I checked today, and it dropped to $55.23, with free shipping and handling (2nd day air, FedEx).

So, I ordered it. I'm prolly gonna have the RAM 'fore I get the laptop, but oh well. It'll be nice being able to immediately boost it to 192 MB. ;-)

[1] If anyone is ever looking for a good place to buy RAM, I'd highly suggest Crucial. They're the retail RAM division of Micron. Micron is considered by many to be the best name in computer memory, and they're also always very competitively priced. I have never yet had a bad experience with them, and they'll even guarantee compatibility, as well as quality.
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