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Broken 200.

Wow, this is my 200th journal entry.

Neat and stuff.

I wouldn't have said anything, but I was glancing at my profile a few moments ago, and I just noticed it. ;-)

I actually expected to hit 200 quite a while ago, but I guess the "great dry spell" of posting, while I moved, and immediately after, slowed things down a bit.

So it goes.

Have you all gotten bored of me, yet?

Am I still amusing or entertaining you, at least a little bit?

I can only assume I am, since I have, with the exception of a few people recently, been steadily gaining friends, both people listing me, and me listing others.

It's interesting, I've written 200 entries, and I'm still not entirely sure what to make of this journal. All this time, and I've still not decided exactly what my purpose for it is.

Perhaps that's something I'll have to consider soon.

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