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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Lord Yupa

Amusements from the opposite sex.

Well, I mentioned the other day that I might try talking to the waitress who recently started working at the diner down the street from me.

Last night, I went over to try to talk to her. Unfortunately, I ended up sitting on the opposite side of the restaurant from her, so I never got the chance. On the plus side, however, I think the waitress I did have (who wasn't as cute as the other, but was still very cute, and seemed very nice) was hitting on me.

I was reading a book while I waited for my food, and she made frequent trips over to ensure that everything was okay for me. Then, when I was finished, she came over and chatted with me for a few minutes, asked me how my book was (I'd just started it, so I was unable to say much on it), and then said I'd have to stop by again soon, to let her know how it is.

Now, perhaps some of you girls out there can help me a bit, was she actually hitting on me? Or was it my imagination? My past experience generally leaves me working really hard to catch the attention of a girl who is ignoring me, and in general, I do not get hit on. . . so I'm not entirely sure about it. ;-)


I don't think she was being just friendly. If she wasn't hoping to see you again she would of never mentioned you stopping back in to tell her how the book is. I know I wouldn't say that to a guy who didn't catch my eye. Hope that helps. *smile*

Thank you. ;-)

That's pretty much how I was looking at it. Thanks a lot for the confidence and ego boost.

I think I'm ready to go get shot down, now. <g>
if i go out of my way to talk to a guy the way she did, it's definitely out of interest. ;)

Thanks. ;-)

Thanks, I can feel my confidence soaring. ;-)

Re: Thanks. ;-)

yay! now...go get 'er, tiger!