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Shopping. [Updated]

Well, instead of just getting up and moving[1] my car this morning, as intended, I went out and bought some food.

I picked up some bagels and muffins, for breakfast, as well as some liquid refreshment and munchies.

I think I'm gonna go watch Love and a .45 in a bit. Anyone who hasn't seen this movie, should really check it out. If you like Tarentino movies, or liked Natural Born Killers, you'll prolly love Love and a .45. (I found it far superior to Natural Born Killers, though it didn't have the same budge, star power, or hype.)

[1] D'Oh! I forgot to include my footnote earlier. The reason I have to move my car at 9am this morning, is because I live on an amazingly stupid street where parking is allowed on alternate sides, on a daily basis. Which means that every morning at 9am, it becomes illegal to park on the side of the street that was legal 5 minutes ago, and you have to park on the other side. Normally this isn't that big of a deal, since I'm at work by then, but Saturdays it blows.
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