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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

I went and saw Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Wednesday day, for the first time.

I'm really rather upset, or perhaps annoyed, now. Why, you wonder? I should probably provide you with some background on why I'm not happy.

Okay, it all started back about a month before Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Known as CTHD for the rest of this journal, due to laziness) was released. Me and a friend had rented a movie, and one of the previews it showed was for CTHD.

Now, I thought it looked awesome. I looked over at my friend, and said, "We have *got* to see that. It looks so good. And it has Chow Yun Fat in it, too. He's cool." At that point, my friend called it a cheesy looking movie, and proceeded to make fun of me for wanting to see it.

Undeterred, I still wanted to see the movie badly. However, then I moved and life got hectic, and I just never managed to get a chance to see it.

Then, a few weeks after it was released, my friend, who didn't want to see it, went and saw it. Of course, the first thing he did was call me and tell me how great it is, and how much I needed to see it. Bastard.

So I went and saw it Wednesday, and now I'm really annoyed that I didn't see it sooner. ;-p

(Yes, I liked it. A lot. I'm gonna see it again soon, and prolly buy it when it's released on DVD.)

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