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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Lord Yupa

Other toy delays.

The fact that I spent a good bit more on my laptop than I'd originally intended means that my next new toy, a Digital Camera, is gonna be placed on hold for a while. Much as I'd sometimes wish it otherwise, food has to take precedence over future toys. ;-)


oh yeah.. food.. just another excuse to avoid giving me a picture that you've been promising for over 4 years :)

I'm tryin'!

I really am trying, Sweety!

I've even got the digital camera picked out. All I need to do is wait until I can afford it, and I swear to you, you will have your picture. ;-)

Re: I'm tryin'!

oh! Another one to file away with:

I have to get the film.
I have to get the film developed.
I lost the camera.
I'll see about getting some from a friend. (I even spoke to this friend online and she told me she had pictures of you)
I don't have a scanner.
I'll get pictures from the graduation.

Star.. I luv you dearly hun.. but you're full of it :)

I'll believe it when I have said picture in hand.

Re: I'm tryin'!

Bleh. ;-p

Who did you talk to that has pictures of me? I honestly don't know anyone who does, but if you can find someone, let me know and I'll get 'em posted. ;-)

Re: I'm tryin'!

oh geesh.. you're asking me to remember the name of someone I met once, two years ago. I don't remember who she was, just that she was a friend of yours from where you lived then.

Re: I'm tryin'!

Excuses. ;-)

Re: I'm tryin'!

Bite me. No. that's not an offer :)

Re: I'm tryin'!

Get my hopes up, then tell me you didn't mean it.

Girls. ;-)