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The joyous weather.

Gotta love the weather.

I heard repeatedly last night how bad we were gonna get hit here, one person even quoted it as "possibly the worst storm in a century". So, I was ready for us to get slammed.

I looked out my window this morning, and I was surprised. There was a good bit of snow, yes, but it wasn't *that* bad. So, I'm feeling pretty good. I go into work, discover a ghost building, and chuckle to myself. When I get up to my office, I turn on the radio, and they say that the storm has just begun.

It's supposed to continue all morning with sleet and snow, changing to straight snow late this afternoon. It will then continue snowing all night, and through most of tomorrow.

How much? Another 18-24 inches of snow. (We got 2-6 inches last night)

Something tells me I might not be going in to work tomorrow. ;-)

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