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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Lord Yupa


It's been a movie week at my home recently.

First of all, neither of my roommates have seen most of the good 80's movies. So, I've been kind enough to introduce them to the best. We started off with Better Off Dead, the classic John Cusack movie. Then we continued with One Crazy Summer, the not-quite-a-sequel written and directed by the same guy, and also starring Cusack. We looked for The Sure Thing and Say Anything, but neither were immediately available in any local video store. So, I shifted gears and dug up Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Needless to say, all of them have gone over really well with my roommates, so far. ;-)

I've also been gradually introducing them to Anime, by breaking out a movie every other week or two. One of my roommates has proven more receptive of this than the other, but neither have objected.

Last night, for a change of pace, I picked up The 13th Floor. This is a great movie, and I'm only sorry it came out around the same time as The Matrix and was thus overshadowed by its hype and publicity. (I won't argue whether it's better than the Matrix or not, both are quality flicks.)

Tonight we'll be watching The Big Lebowski, another movie I like that my roommates haven't seen.

Ah, the joys of movies.


You simply can't have an 80's movie fest without seeing Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club, and Beuller!

And. . .

And don't forget Sixteen Candles! Another great 80's classic. ;-)


I can't believe I forgot my ultimate favorite 80's movie...St. Elmo's Fire! It's beyond a total must see!!

Re: And...and..and

Ack! How in the world could we forget that? ;-)
The 13th Floor rocks.


That it does.

It's actually kinda odd, I rented it originally, and I ended up not getting a chance to see it.

However, my friend, who isn't much of a Sci-Fi movie guy, watched when he was bored. The next day, he said we had to go re-rent it so I could watch it, because it was that good. ;-)
i felt the same way about 13th floor, it's such a shame it didn't get that much attention, it was so great, although it really scared me! did you see we added you to moviemaniacs?


Ahh! That's true. Perhaps I should have posted this there. . . or maybe I should repost it there?

Hrm. ;-)


repost it there!! and don't forget to add it to your friends list so you can watch it :) maybe we'll get more exciting now! did you see hannibal?

Re: definitely!

Okay, I reposted, and added moviemaniacs to my friends list. ;-)

I haven't seen Hannibal yet. . . I've heard mixed results. Mostly, I've heard that it's okay, but it's excessivly gory without the same psychological thrill of the first movie.

Re: definitely!

i'm glad you posted, i saw it! as for hannibal...as you can see, i'm pretty aggravated with the reviews i've seen regarding the movie. i swear, critics are just no-talent hacks who couldn't make it in the movie industry! i thought the movie was awesome...there was one part that pissed me off at dr lecter, but other than that, it was amazing...there was some gore, most of it was either through a haze or shadowed (great cinematography). yes, there was less of a psycholoical thrill...but keep in mind in the first movie, lecter was in jail, so he couldn't do what he wanted to...and that's eat people, plain and simple. the people who don't like the second movie are obviously forgetting this factor. and any chance hannibal had out of jail in the first movie, what was he doing? slicing and dicing, baby! the people who say the bad things, that it is a b rate horror flick, are just being naive. the man is a cannibal...that is something they must have overlooked when buying their tickets to see the movie! all in all, i thought it was excellent. but, if you're having mixed feelings, wait til it comes out on video...it's not particularly important that you see this one on the big screen.