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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Danger Mouse

Good timing (and a new friend?)

It looks like I have good timing for when I decided to make it back into the twisted world of LiveJournal. I recently discovered that a good friend of mine has also rejoined LJ. She's a major sweety, so you should all check her out. (Yeah, check her out that way too, she's a hottie. ;-)

Her account name is cringer. For any of you SorceryNet people out there, you would prolly recognize her. You might say she's sweet like candi. ;-)


Why do I get the feeling your ass is *so* going to get kicked for this? :P

Hrm. . .

You know, I actually had that same premonition. . .

Oh, well. What can you do. ;-)
Ya know, I was relatively excited about seeing that...but gee, then I saw this and decided that hiding would be better than adding her to my friends list. Old or not, I'm sure not feeling very welcome. If she's gonna kick your ass, you're free to come hide out with me, of course.
T'was an old post and an old frame of mind.. I desperately needed a break and to get away. I considered not putting the old posts back, but it felt like a cheat. I assure you that self destructive mindframe is gone.. To quote a friend "I'm a happy bunny." Priorities have been shifted and life is good... and ya know I love ya. :)

On that note, ermmmm.. please ignore the physical damage that topher is going to appear with when I catch up with him for this. :)


Considering that I have no doubt she's going to beat on me profusely, I just might take you up on that. ;-)
As my self destructive bent ends.. I see you start one. You hear I'm going to be passing through New York and then you do something I'm at odds over whether to hug you or smack you for. I still haven't decided which yet. I'll let you know just 'after' I hunt you dow.... errr.. see if we can meet up to at least do coffee or something :)

Ruh, roh. . .

I have this sneaking feeling (premonition?) that I'm prolly gonna get smacked and then hugged for this one. . . I'm still not sure in what order, though. ;-)

Re: Ruh, roh. . .

Must have seen that in your little crystal ball, because I think you're right! Although I'm leaning towards "hug, smack, hug". What do you think? Does that work for you? :)
love the icon!!