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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Lord Yupa

Sexy stats.

I heard some amusing statistics on MTV the other day, when I was flipping through channels. They claimed to have recently conducted a survey in which they found out that:
The average man masturbates once every seven days.
The average woman masturbates once every nine days.
Now, what's really funny, is I told a couple friends in the other room about it when I heard these.

One friend asked, "Did they include married people, and people with significant others in that survey? I would have guessed the numbers to be two or three times that."

The other friend puffed out his chest and looked smug, then said, "You know, there's something damn cool about being Above Average."

Anyone have a different opinion on those stats?

How does your...erm...experience...stack up against the 'average'? ;-)


hmmmm. well, average 'man'. i will only count my activity sense i was 18. it has decreased considerably. although, sometimes i prefer ot to sex. not that sex is , bad, i'm just that good. haha. (i AM that good though. i swear, i should write a book on how to do it)

these days, i'd say an active month would have me doing it twice.

another question...did the survey include when you are masterbating for a lover's pleasure? i doubt that it would have.


Hrm, that's a good point. I would bet that by the time the average person hits their lower to mid 20's, they masturbate less often than they do in their teens.

I think you're also right on mutual masturbation and couples masturbation. I doubt if that's counted properly by the survey.


So i guess my being below average is because I'm old? ;P

but...there was this groovy guy at work tonight... oh my goodness, he was beautiful. He had that Michael T Weiss look about him.. And he was left handed... I have no idea why that suddenly became so appealing.

What was this thread about again?