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I've spent all day running around like crazy, and I've still got a mile long list of things I need to do tomorrow.

Pending something major coming up, the plan is to leave first thing Wednesday morning.

Stuff done today:

  • A whole lot of laundry
  • Cleaned out all of the junk in my car, including the junk in the trunk
  • Cleaned my bedroom
  • Worked to finalize the IP for my computer, so I'll be able to access it remotely
  • Burned a couple of new CDs for the drive
  • Spent a ton of time trying to figure out what stays and what goes
  • Found a TV to take with me (formerly a non-essential, but since Sports Night is back on TV, this is now a priority)
  • Organized a whole lot of my books while trying to figure out which to bring (fiction)
  • Started packing up pretty much all of my techie books
  • Got my oil changed
  • Other stuff I can't remember offhand

My list of things to do tomorrow is easily 5 times as long as this. It's gonna be a long day.

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